Oculoplastic Eyelid Surgery

Turning back time with minor invasive surgery

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Richard S.


As we age, eyelid skin stretches and muscle tone weakens often creating the appearance of being tired and/or aging prematurely. The excess skin creates a decrease in peripheral vision often causing the patient to raise their eye brows to improve their vision. As a result of raising the eye brows, deep lines in the forehead develop and fatigue ensues. An upper eyelid bleparoplasty (eyelid lift) reduces excess skin and fat. The incision follows the natural eyelid crease thus concealing the scar giving a natural appearance to the eyelids. A lower eyelid blepharoplasty removes excess skin, if needed, and fat pad(s). The fat pads are often referred to as “bags” in the lower lids. This incision is made either on the backside of the eyelid or along the lash line.

Many eyelid surgical procedures are covered by insurance. Examples are loss of peripheral vision, eyelid tumors, both benign and malignant, tearing problems, ptosis (inability to open eyelids above pupils), lashes touching eye, weakness in eyelid tone causing lids to turn in or out. Cosmetic surgeries are not generally covered by health insurance plans; however our fees for non-covered services (such as cosmetic surgery) are very reasonable.