Facial Rejuvenation

Treatments to combat the forces at work in an aging face

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Christine R.


Facial rejuvenation is a strategy that uses a variety of treatments to combat the forces at work in an aging face. Dr. Henry is a fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon with the experience and expertise to utilize these various therapies to create a more youthful, reinvigorated appearance.

Dermal Fillers

  • BOTOX®

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a simple, non-surgical treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and on the forehead, and ‘crow’s feet’ at the outside corners of the eyes. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a purified protein which reduces the activity of the muscles that cause frown lines and wrinkles to form. While results may vary, within days of one ten-minute treatment, there is a noticeable improvement in moderate to severe frown lines and wrinkles. Over three million procedures are performed with FDA-approved BOTOX® Cosmetic annually.

Dermal fillers offer a complete solution for tissue-tailored facial augmentation - a natural beauty lift, using the body’s own material. Many people today are showing increased interest in correcting wrinkles and folds, shaping facial contours, and augmenting the lips. Dermal fillers are injected into the dermis layer of the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The result is instant and produces a long-lasting, natural enhancement, both gentle and safe for the skin.

UltraLight and Erbium Laser Treatment

The ERBIUM LASER is the newest generation of skin resurfacing for cosmetic purposes. Designed to treat superficial to moderately deep lines and wrinkles, mild to moderate acne scarring, and sun-damaged skin, the Erbium laser has significant benefits over previous options for skin resurfacing on the face, neck, back of hands, and chest. A reduction in side effects, a faster healing time, and reduced pain has made the Erbium laser a popular choice among men and women wishing to reverse the effects of aging.

The ULTRALIGHT Q-SWITCHED LASER is designed to treat pigmented lesions, including age spots, vascular legions, spider veins, and to remove tattoo ink. Using an intense beam of light, the laser heats and vaporizes pigment instantly.

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