Barry R. Smith, M.D.

Specializing in:

Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Oculoplastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Barry R. Smith, M.D.

As of November 1, 2019, Dr. Smith made the leap into retirement. We are happy for he & his wife Trisha that they may now be able to enjoy the “fruit of his labor”. However, all of us here at Eye Surgical & Medical Associates and Noble Surgery Center will miss him dearly. It is through his leadership & vision that this medical and surgical practice has become what it is today.

Dr. Smith, through many years of experience and education, demonstrated to the community of Tulare County that he was an EyeMD with heart. He not only treated patients through his private office but he also via the Good News Center and the Visalia Health Care Clinic. Dr. Smith was a big supporter of local schools & multiple charitable organizations. One of his premier projects was the “Peeper Egg Hunt” via the Blind Babies Foundation.

If you have been a patient of Dr. Smith’s, you may have already moved over to one of his associates. However, if you would like to be seen at a different office please contact our front office personnel so that they can facilitate the transfer of your medical records.